Glow Flow is a yoga class designed to improve how you feel.

It is an hour of being guided physically and mentally, putting you in control of when to use effort and when to allow ease. 


There are options given for every part of the class, so there is nothing you won’t be able to do. It is not an ego practice, and there are no levels or judgment. 


Whether you are new to yoga or very experienced, we all flow together, and we all Glow together.



Wednesday 6.30pm  

Louise House Laundry 

V22 Louise House
Dartmouth Road
SE23 3HZ

(The Laundry is located behind V22 Louise House, between Forest Hill Library and Forest Hill Pools.)

Mats and equipment provided



Class packs can be purchased to encourage consistency in your practice and bring down the price of the class.

Please get in contact to purchase a pack or to book in for your first Forest Hill class.


First Class           Single Class

£6                     £12

5 Class Pack            10 class Pack

£50                     £85

(£10 per class)       (£8.50 per class)


Glow Flow is for EVERYONE- if for any reason you are unable to pay the full amount but would like to join, there are concessionary options. Please get in contact to make an arrangement that works for you. 


Personal Yoga gives you the control to focus the sessions on what you need. Physical goals can be worked towards, as well as ensuring you are performing poses and flows effectively for your body. These 1 to 1 sessions can also be used to improve the way you feel mentally, releasing stress, anxiety and other mental ailments. Allow yourself to be guided, with effort and ease, to a place of physical and mental comfort.  

Sessions can be done at your home, online, or in a studio space.

Pay as you Glow, or session packages available.

Please get in contact with any questions, and to book in your complimentary consultation.