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Get out of your head and into your body. 

This is what yoga and training do for me. 

A shift from living in my head to living in reality. A way to be fully present and to look after myself.

Nothing else has helped me so effectively to improve my life, and the way I feel physically and mentally.

You deserve to feel your best too. I became a teacher and trainer to help other people to learn how to look after themselves, to grow and to GLOW. 

I have been teaching yoga since 2017, and I have taught in many top London yoga studios and gyms. I teach my own Glow Flow classes- affordable, accessible, community classes- in South East London.

My speciality is beginners who are new to yoga, however I also work with athletes- including a professional football team who play in the EFL Championship. 

I have been weight training for 6 years and qualified as a PT in 2021. My priority with training is helping women to gain confidence and strength, physically and mentally.

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