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I offer both online and in person Personal Training to help you look after yourself, and improve how you feel physically and mentally.


After filling out an online consultation form with information about you and your goals, I will create bespoke 4 week programme for you to carry out independently. Your programme will then be updated every 4 weeks, ensuring progress and keeping it fresh and fun!

Your first month is half price for you to try out online training with me before fully committing.

We will have a regular check ins, as well as access to message anytime. The programme can be altered however needed, for example: swapping exercises that don't work for you, making sessions harder or less intense as needed, changing session frequency or duration if your circumstances change, and addressing any other obstacles that may get in your way.


Online training is a great way to ensure that you are training effectively and progressing, but doing so in your own time, with my support every step of the way. 

Starting price is £50 a month.


We will begin your in person training journey with a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals. We will discuss your experience with training and your body so far, and work out how best to improve how you move and feel.


Training can be done at your home, outdoors or at Metroflex in Sydenham (SE26 5BN). 

Any level of experience, whether you already train or not, is suitable for Personal Training. Session packages vary to suit what you need, and to make training work for you.

Prices start at £45 a session at Metroflex, £60 a session for me to come to you at your home/an outdoor location.

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Personal Yoga gives you the control to focus the sessions on what you need. Physical goals can be worked towards, as well as ensuring you are performing poses and flows effectively for your body. These 1 to 1 sessions can also be used to improve the way you feel mentally, releasing stress, anxiety and other mental ailments.

Allow yourself to be guided, with effort and ease, to a place of physical and mental comfort.


Sessions can be done at your home, online, outdoors, or in a studio space.

Prices start at £60 a session.

Please get in contact with any questions, and to book in your online or in person consultation.

Thanks for submitting!

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